Frequently Asked Questions About Pranic Healing

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1. What is Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a no-touch, non-invasive healing approach that was founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. It is a synthesis of healing techniques from ancient China, Tibet and India in which prana is used to heal a wide variety of illnesses.

2. What is Prana?

Prana is a Sanskrit work that means "vital energy". Often referred to as "chi" or "ki", prana consists of tiny invisible globules of life force that keep the body alive and in good health. Prana comes from three sources: sun, air and earth. It is absorbed by the chakras into a person's energy field (and consequently his physical body), where it nourishes and supports his life force. An abundance of prana is found in sunlight, around moving water, around trees, and in fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. What are chakras?

Chakra is another Sanskrit word that means "wheel of light." It is a spinning vortex of energy within a person's energy field that absorbs the prana and redistributes it throughout the energy field and the physical body. Chakras function like organs for the energy body. They are located along the spine and serve and nurture the major organs of the physical body. When a chakra becomes blocked or depleted, then the corresponding physical organ begins to experience distress and subsequent illness if not treated.

4. How does Pranic Healing work?

Pranic healing has two simple principles. One is that the physical body can heal itself, and the other is that adding a catalyst can accelerate the healing process. That catalyst is prana. A pranic healer uses his hands to cleanse and energize a person's energy field and chakras with fresh prana, thereby triggering the healing process of the body.

5. Who is Master Choa Kok Sui?

Master Choa Kok Sui was a chemical engineer, businessman and philanthropist of Chinese-Filipino descent. Through twenty years of scientific experimentation and advanced clairvoyant observation, he compiled a set of healing techniques that are practical, powerful, fast, and effective. He wrote several books on Pranic Healing that have been translated into 27 different languages. More information about Master Choa Kok Sui can be found at here.

6. Can anybody heal?

All of us have the innate ability to heal and relieve pain. Without being aware of it, we often use this healing process or receive its benefits. Nearly everyone can recall times when mom kissed a hand that was hurt and made it feel better. Or someone put an arm around us to comfort us when we felt sad. These types of experiences are an example of pranic transference - the channeling of prana or life force from one to another. The gift of energy causes the recipient to fell better. The Pranic Healing approach is simple and practical. It is presented in a "cookbook" manner. Anybody can learn and apply the method immediately. People who have been trained include engineers, housewives, physicists, massage therapists, businessmen, physicians, educators, just to name a few.

7. Does Pranic Healing conflict with traditional medical treatment?

Pranic healing is not intended to supplant or usurp medicine. It is a complimentary approach that adds to the practice of medicine. When both systems are used in an integrative manner, healing takes place more completely and quickly.

8. Can Pranic Healing be practiced at a distance?

Pranic Healing teaches how to heal others from a distance. Long distance healing is based on the fact that we are all connected to each other through the earth's energy field. In addition, wherever our thoughts are directed with intention, energy follows. By practicing the pranic healing techniques combined with our focus upon a loved one, we can effect a healing from afar.

9. What about Self-healing?

The healing strategies that are learned to help others are directly applicable to ourselves. Cleansing and energizing our own bodies with prana not only has curative properties, but powerful preventative aspects as well. Illness appears first in the energy field before the congested energy is absorbed and manifested in the physical body. Regular application of pranic self-healing addresses illness before it has a chance to take root in the body.

10. Can Pranic Healing be used for emotional problems?

Pranic Healing applied to emotional problems is called Pranic Psychotherapy. Again it is the utilization of prana to cleanse and energize the emotional field from such problems as anxiety and phobia, grief and depression, addictions, anger and rage, stress and other psychological problems. The result is a restoration of emotional balance and sense of well-being.

11. Can I get someone's illness while I'm healing him?

Healers face a big problem in becoming drained and fatigued when working with others. This also happens to people in general who serve and care for persons, i.e. nurses, massage therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, doctors, and parents. Pranic Healing clearly teaches strategies to prevent the possibility of using one's own energy when healing others. In addition it teaches how to remain energetically clean and de-contaminated while working with the congestion and diseased energy of sick people.

12. Can Pranic Healing be used for children?

Children benefit even greater from this healing intervention than do adults. Their energy bodies are cleaner, more active and less contaminated than adults. As a result they heal much faster. In addition Pranic Healing is excellent for pets. Animals do not have the emotional and mental negativities that would inhibit the absorption of prana. Thus they are extremely responsive to healing.

13. What can Pranic Healing be used for?

Pranic Healing has been successful in treating a wide variety of ailments ranging from migraines to chronic injuries (joint problems, tendonitis, sports injuries, etc.), arthritis, heart ailments, diabetes, hypertension, addictions, cancer, depression, stress, and many, many more.

14. How do I learn about Pranic Healing?

The basic Pranic Healing course is a two-day course usually offered on week-ends. The class is highly experiential in that the student practices each of the healing steps extensively. Topics that are covered include how to scan the aura and the chakras, how to clean and energize with prana, how to stabilize the energy in the aura, how to remain decontaminated, and how to cut "psychic" cords that occur between people. Also taught are self-healing techniques, long-distance healing, and divine healing techniques. At the end of two days, the student has a powerful set of skills that he can apply immediately.

15. How do I get more information about Pranic Healing?

If you want information about the free Pranic Healing Clinics, ongoing Pranic Healing classes or wish to experience personal Pranic Healing sessions, please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link below.